Moto Camping Food Tips! Foil Pack Meals 101 & More

Moto Camping Food Tips!
How to Pack a Cooler , pros and cons of hard side and soft sided coolers,
Foil Pack Meals 101 and demonstration on how to fold a foil pack.
Important Food Safety information and Leave No Trace Principles to live by when you make food at camp.
Part 1 in Setting Up a Versatile Camp Kitchen:

Things I mention in this Video:
▶ Osprey 6L Stuff Sack
▶ A roll top Cooler Bag Similar to my favorite one:
▶ Reusable Ice Packs:
▶Odorless Food Sack:
▶ Bear Proof Food Bag (to hang in bear active areas – also rodent proof):
▶Bear Canisters (don’t have to be hung) :
▶How to hang your food in a bear active area:​

▶ The New Camp Cookbook
▶ Dirty Dining an Adventure Cookbook by Lisa Thomas of 2 Ride the World:
▶ Fresh off the Grid
▶ The Hedgecombers:
▶ Amanda Outside (no not me) :

Use Code MAGPIE and get 10% off your order of Motorcycle Camping Gear at

My Favorite Motorcycle Camp Kitchen Equipment
▶UST Trekker Camp Stove:
▶ Sea to Summit X-POT Cooking Pot:
▶ Sea to Summit Alpha Pan:
▶ Sawyer Water Filter:
▶ Sea to Summit Watercell:
▶ Camp Knife
▶ MSR Scrubber
▶ Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash:
▶Sea to Summit Wipes:
▶Long Handle Spoon:
▶GSI Tiny Spatula:
▶ Sea to Summit X-Bowl:
▶ Hydroflask Insolated Coffee Flask:
▶ Nalgene Jars for Spices:
▶ Nalgene Squeeze Bottle:

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The New 2020 Wolfman Luggage Line
▶Blackhawk Tank Bag:
▶2 Small Rolies on the Engine Guards:
▶Rocky Mountain Expedition Saddlebags:
▶Expedition Duffel Large:
▶Tent Pole Bag I used to stealth carry my Tripod:

My Camera Equipment on this Trip
▶Sony A7rii:
▶Lens 1:
▶Sony A5100:
▶Go Pro Hero 7 Black:
▶Go Pro Hero 5 Black:
▶Helmet Mount:
▶Sena 10c Evo:
▶DJI Mavic Air Drone:
▶My Tripod:

My Riding Gear:
▶Summer Gloves:
▶Rain/Winter Gloves:

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00:00 Intro
00:47 Organizing your Gear & Food
02:52 Coolers 101
05:35 Foil Pack Meals 101
07:40 Food Safety Basics
10:09 IMPORTANT Leave No Trace Notes
12:49 Recipe Inspiration
13:53 Outro

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